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So the war of the Billionaires versus the Millionaires continues.  The N.F.L. lockout, barely over a week old, continues to be the hot topic in Football.  It’s kind of hard to have any sympathy for these guys when the N.F.L. is the most profitable league in North America.  So the players union decertified and certain high profile players like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are suing the league.  What a mess.

Realistically the only people hurt by all this are the fans and the behind the scenes workers; I’m talking about the concession stand workers, the stadium maintenance workers, the people who deal with the experience of the game without touching the game itself.  Obviously the fans are hurt, but it’s those workers who will suffer the most.  Their livelihood is put on hold for some ridiculous fight for more money when both sides clearly have enough.  The funny thing is those employees have been brought in to this war.  They’ve been used as selling points to aid in the battle.  For anyone to say this lockout is about them, it’s just plain garbage.  This lockout has nothing to do about them; it has nothing to do about the fans.  Everything this lockout stands for is about more money.  Whether it’s $1 Billion or $1 Thousand, no matter because both parties want more of it.  It’s out of control.

Every major sport in the past decade or so has had a lockout or some form of strike for money control.  There is no such thing as “for the love of the game” anymore.  The funny thing is I wrote about this 11 years ago and nothing has changed; it’s only gotten worse.  So what can we the fans do?  Do we stop watching?  Do we stop going to the game?  Realistically that’s not going to happen.  We’re fans for a reason, we genuinely love sports.  So all we can do is sit here and take it on the chin every time some league fights over more money, which seems to be a 10 year thing.  When will they realize, eventually the fans will not agree with what I just said; eventually the fans will turn.  Many fans are the “average Joe’s” of this world, working a job which affords them a decent life and the ability to attend a few games here and there.  If they keep raising ticket prices, which is what they’ll keep doing in order to pay these ridiculous salaries, eventually the average person will stop attending.

The best bet for any sports league is to maintain a strong public profile where everything is running smoothly.  At best, even when they raise the ticket prices, the fans won’t grumble so much and still feel good about attending.  When there are constant battles between the owners and players, it just angers everyone, reducing the moral amongst the people who matter the most, the fans!

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