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Nathan Gerbe‘s goal last night may have been a complete fluke, but it was one of the best goals I’ve seen all season. It was a throwback to the Dennis Savard era. The spin-o-rama was a move made famous by Savard throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s. I was ecstatic to see a goal scored that way as I was a Savard fan back then and loved that move. It also didn’t hurt that the goal tied the game for the Sabres with just over nine minutes left. Thomas Vanek would score the winner in overtime and clinch a playoff spot for the Buffalo Sabres, a win they desperately needed. It was a great game to see and a great finish. Philadelphia now is in danger of slipping from the second seed to the fourth seed as they are now tied with Pittsburgh. Check out the highlight for yourself as Gerbe scores the tying goal midway through the third.

Now check out the great Dennis Savard, who made the spin-o-rama famous.

Until the next puck drops,