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This post offers some insight as to which quarterback the 49ers should choose.  Check it out:

To Ponder or not to Ponder

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All the mock drafts in the world can’t really predict the way the draft will turn out.  With mere speculation, analysts will tell you which players teams will choose.  Sure some will be right on, but really they’re wrong more times than right.  It’s just feeding in to our excitement as fans as to which direction our favorite teams will go.  As a San Francisco 49ers fan, I can’t wait to see who they land in the draft.  Many draft experts are thinking the 49ers will choose either a pass rusher or cornerback with their first pick and then look for a quarterback in the second round.  I am in agreement with this depending on who’s available when it comes to the seventh overall selection.

If Blaine Gabbert is there when the 49ers choose, I think no matter who is on the board still, whether it’s Patrick Peterson or Von Miller, Gabbert is the choice.  I know there have been hidden gems in the later rounds, but statistics show the quantity of successful quarterbacks chosen have been greater in the first round.  Though the 49ers need a skilled pass rusher and cornerback, quarterback has to take priority in this situation.  It takes the longest to develop and is the most important position in football.  That being said if Gabbert isn’t there when the 49ers draft and it looks that way, then by all means choose the best player available at a position of need.

They can look to draft Christian Ponder, who I believe would be the next best quarterback, but it’s likely they would have to move back in to the late first round to get him.  Gabbert is the only quarterback worth taking in the top 10.  He has the size, strength and mobility to be a star in this league.  The best thing he has which a quarterback needs most is moxie.  Gabbert has that quality; he is a leader.  I don’t think Cam Newton is worth a pick in the top 10; he looks too much like a very risky project.  This is what the 49ers had in Alex Smith.

Smith was a project and played the game too safe; he never had that moxie which is why he is a bust.  Aaron Rodgers had that quality and had Mike Nolan and Scot McCloughan not gone for the safer choice, their puppet to be molded, the 49ers would have drafted Rodgers and been in a much better position now.  Who knows, they might have been contending for a Superbowl.

Either way things work out for a reason and though us 49er fans have suffered for the last eight years, I do believe the team has turned the corner.  Jim Harbaugh will deliver the right quarterback; he will deliver a winning team; he will bring the 49ers back to relevance in the National Football League.  With a strong draft and the right quarterback, I truly believe this team will contend again.

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