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As an on again off again Toronto Blue Jays fan, I have to say it looks like we’re finally headed in the right direction.  It’s been 18 years since the Jays last won the World Series, in fact it’s been 18 years since they’ve made the playoffs.  Playing in the toughest division in Major League Baseball (M.L.B.) doesn’t help.  With the likes of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees strong again, it’ll be tough for the Jays to get back into the post season again this year.  What gives Jays fans hope is a promising young group of players with potential to make this a strong team for years to come.  This is the way the Tampa Bay Devil Rays worked and they managed to sneak by a few times with a World Series appearance not too long ago.  Alex Anthopoulos wants to build a team strong enough to contend for years, not just now.  The Jays will never be able to outspend the Yankees or Red Sox, but at least with good scouting and smart decisions, they’ll be able to compete with them.

Last night, in the season opener, the Jays looked like a team ready to challenge anyone in baseball.  They looked like the teams from the early 1990’s.  They played exciting baseball; smart and fundamental baseball.  It also didn’t hurt continuing on last years home run numbers with four in this game.  J.P. Arencibia led the way batting 3-for-4 with two home runs and five RBI’s while the Jays crushed the Minnesota Twins 13-3.  Today again the team played well led by Kyle Drabek who pitched seven innings allowing only one hit and one run while striking out seven.  He had no hits allowed until the 6th inning in a 6-1 win over the Twins.

The team looks poised to improve on last season’s success and quite possibly make a long awaited playoff appearance.  As a fan, I hope most of you will love the Jays again and the team can average 50 thousand in attendance for the games.  Fan support is a key component of a winning franchise.  With it, the players feel energized when playing at home.  They fed off that energy last night with over 45 thousand in attendance at the Rogers Centre.  This can be a baseball city again, the fans just have to give it a chance.  I believe John Farrell will be a great manager; I believe this team will win again.  Let’s go Blue Jays!

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