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The wrestling world lost a great one today; one of the greatest to ever step into the ring.  He was one of my favourites as a kid.  I used to imitate him a lot then; his “Oooh Yeah!” is one of the most famous lines in wrestling.  I thought I’d share a few great videos of him including his greatest moment when he became WWF champion for the first time.

You will be missed Macho Man Randy Savage.



Winnipeg’s mayor says it’s just “a matter of time” before a deal to move the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg is announced.  Sam Katz says the deal to bring an NHL team back to Winnipeg “is going to happen.”  He says there is an understanding the deal will move forward but nothing is signed, sealed and delivered yet.  No one is more anxious to officially learn the fate of the Atlanta Thrashers than members of the team.  The players have been given no indication one way or the other where they’ll be playing home games next season, according to goaltender Chris Mason.

“They’re not going to include us in any of the stuff and we shouldn’t be either,” Mason said Friday from his off-season home in Red Deer, Alberta. “We’ll know probably the same time or after everybody else knows, that’s the way it goes.  “We’re sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what’s going to happen, too.”  Mason has played in six different cities during his professional career and is facing the possibility of moving once again.  “That’s one of the very few things that is tough about the job,” said Mason. “I’m fortunate enough to be playing hockey and that’s one of the things that you just have to deal with.  It’s happened throughout a hockey player’s career and that’s just the way it goes.  We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again.”  Mason has mixed feeling about relocating from Atlanta to Winnipeg.  On one hand he feels bad about the fans and team employees that would be left behind in Atlanta but it would also give him a chance to live out a dream.  “There’s definitely things that would be really cool about it,” said Mason. “Playing in Canada, for me, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  It would be really cool.  Just playing in front of a packed house every night would be awesome.”

All of this was started by an article yesterday by The Globe and Mail in Toronto stating the Thrashers’ agreement with True North was done and will be announced in Winnipeg on Tuesday.  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and True North Sports and Entertainment quickly denied the report Thursday that a deal has been reached to sell the team to True North, which would relocate the team to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  There are still obstacles to overcome, but it looks inevitable this time; hockey is back in Winnipeg and Canadians are celebrating across the country.  The Winnipeg Jets, as they should be called, should be soaring again this year after 16 plus years in the waiting.

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So it looks as though Alex Smith will return to the 49ers for one more season.  I have been against this move from the beginning, but lately I’ve started to see the light.  With the lockout keeping free agents from signing, Smith might be the only option.  It is well known that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh fully expects Smith to be back this season; Smith already has the new playbook.  So, love him or hate him, it looks like Smith will be back for one more stint as the 49ers starting quarterback.  Says Dan Brown of the Mercury News:

“Smith, 26, did not want to be quoted directly but told reporters from the Sacramento Bee and Comcast Sports Net Bay Area they could summarize the gist of his comments. In short, the feeling is mutual between Smith and coach Jim Harbaugh, who has spoken optimistically all offseason about the quarterback’s potential return.”

There is a different feeling this time around though.  When the 49ers drafted Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick last month, the message was clear; he would be the future and a bridge would be necessary.  So why can’t Smith be that bridge?  I’ll be the first to say I was ready to cut ties with Smith for good when the season was done and I stayed true to that up until the draft, until Kaepernick was drafted.  As long as this franchise is not depending on him to be the savior anymore, I believe he can be a nice quarterback for another season or two until Kaepernick is ready to take over.  Let’s face it, there aren’t many options out there much better than Smith right now. 

Smith’s career has been one dominated by inconsistency; whether it has been through his play or numerous coaching changes, Smith has had a difficult career.  He has been provided with numerous opportunities, but has yet to take advantage.  He did put up decent numbers in his last two seasons, when Singletary decided to open up his offense.  He can be a pretty good quarterback, when given time to throw, and has some good weapons to throw to.  He has arguably the NFL’s best tight end in Vernon Davis, a receiver with a great amount of potential in Michael Crabtree and a great running back in Frank Gore.  The strength of this team remains in the running game and though Harbaugh will throw much more passing into the mix, this will still be a running team.

The bottom line is Smith is good enough to keep this team competitive and with the right coaching combined with a weak division, this should be the year the 49ers are NFC West champions again.  All of us critics just need to ease up on him especially now that we need him in order to buy time for Kaepernick to develop.  Hopefully this lockout nonsense will be resolved and there is a season to watch this year. 

Sources:  Mercury News

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Provided is the link to my detailed article on the 49ers draft.

Baalke Reaches for the Stars

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